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2012 national expédition




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Welcome on "WOWO 2012" expedition website    

 The Wowo 2012 expedition is in the line of the great explorations which took place during the last three decades on the Nakanai mountains and enabled the discovery of renowned caves, such as Nare, Kavakuna, Minye,and Muruk, the latter being the first cave to reach the 1000 m deep mark in the Southern Hemisphere.
Our last expedition, in 2010, enabled to realize the junction of two big caves and to push the exploration deeper, downstream the underground river. We know now that a huge underground system, deeper than 1000 meters, spreads its galleries beneath the surface of the plateau; a big underground river remains also to be revealed. It is for these challenges that, at the beginning of 2012, we will head again for the Nakanai Mountain.

In France, as well as in far away expeditions, “Exploration” and “Discovery” are the cavers’ main drive. We have the privilege to discover virgin territories, to be the first to leave footprints, to draw surveys and to name them, like the sixteen centuries explorers! The underground world is a fantastic adventure ground, rich in things to explain; it is with great pleasure that we wander about through it.


Images de Gerald Favre - Expédition Vuvu 2010

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